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Good Journey Youth Programs

Good Journey’s programs and associated curricula are effective at engaging and reaching young people with positive messages, challenging them to think of new and positive ways to address and solve problems. Engaged youth learn new ideas and concepts and discover how these are relevant to their lives. Ultimately, our programs help young people better understand who they are meant to be with themselves, their family, their community and world.

Xpress You Thru Art      Art & Story of the Ages      Skills 4 Life   

Our Community Our World    Good Journey GetAways     No Mic' Required     

Good Journey Summer Academy      
Adult Workshops

“My son raved about the staff. He and his cousins really enjoyed the positive environment, the self-affirmation and the focus on positive rather than negative.  The things that he learned made an impression on him.  I think they will be life lived.”  – Community Parent

Xpress You Thru Art 

Young people explore their emotions through the creation of art. They are guided by a professional counselor and artist to learn how to communicate emotions positively, using art as their medium of expression, and attend counseling sessions to address anger management, conflict resolution, low self-esteem, and making healthy life choices. Young people tap into their Good Journey and develop self-awareness and leadership skills.

Art & Story of the Ages

Storytellers use stories and Artists use arts and crafts with young people to promote self-awareness, respect, and to help young people make stronger connections to family and community. Mentors join our young people on this Good Journey, offering another layer of support, and bridging the generational gap between youth and elders.

Skills 4 Life

Young people participate in cultural-based, interactive, character and skill building activities. They engage in thought-provoking discussions to provide opportunities to express independent and collective perspectives while confidently expressing their identity. Young people play games that promote critical decision making and an understanding of related consequences. Young people gain Life Skills to use on their Good Journey.

Our Community Our World

Youth community leaders are created. Young people are actively involved in working to improve our communities and their individual circumstances by taking part in a cultural exchange experience and participating in self-awareness, educational, career, and community development projects.

Good Journey GetAways

A balance of low-key and high energy group activities is what young people experience on this Good Journey.  The activities strengthen character, build inter-generational relationships between youth and adult mentors and promote young people’s commitment to make good choices and stay away from risky and self-defeating behavior. Young people swim, play sports and other games, and participate in art, music, dance and healthy living workshops.

No Mic' Required

Young people are engaged by community leaders around positive life choices and values. Young people are also guided to positively express themselves through performance art, while learning the production and behind the scenes of event planning, that ultimately leads to the production of their own event.

Good Journey Summer Academy

This 5-10 weeks long academy uses art, fun interactive games and engaging activities in the community to teach communications and social skills, and improve children’s understanding and value of the treasures in their own community, while also preparing them to be community leaders.  The Summer Academy also focuses on self-development, entrepreneurship, career awareness and community involvement. Some of the fun activities include learning Swahili, art, photography, treasure hunts, jewelry making, storytelling, life skills, tie dyeing and field trips. APPLICATION AVAILABLE HERE

Adult Workshops

Good Journey designs and facilitates workshops to meet the professional development needs of adults working with youth. Some areas of training focus include self-awareness, cultural compentency, community and team-building, and youth engagement  for adults working with young people in neighborhoods, organizations and schools.